Year 2020: Enough Of ‘Winging’ It, Let’s Plan

The year 2019 ends in a few days; 4 days, to be precise. The number 2019, of the Common Era, has been nothing but a roller coaster (for me, at least) but what are we doing in 2020? Scratch that: What would we be doing or where would we be by the time the new decade is over – in 2029?

We may have outgrown the age-long, cliché question about what we’d like to become when we grow up but a similar question on what plans we have for the next couple of years as we paddle through life’s ocean will never not be appropriate.

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For many of us, the last time we were consciously asked what our plan for the next five-ten years was, was on an employment form, and we probably just scribbled down thoughtless words in form of aspirations that we really didn’t believe in. You see, about this ‘plan’ thingy, some persons like to simply ‘go with the flow’ while some are master planners who’d never put a foot wrong in mapping out their strategy.

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And while many of us are lucky in easily figuring things out, for others like me, it’s an absolute struggle.

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Source:: Idafrica