Why Camp When You Can Glamp?

Who else loves to camp? Me! Me!!

We all know camping is awesome, from providing beautiful memories with loved ones, to having to set up your own tent, to learning to build a campfire and answering nature’s call in different unconventional ways.

I’m sure most people still cringe at the things they had to do at camp.

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Now though, anyone interested can camp in style, with all the basic amenities provided, it’s called glamorous camping or ‘glamping’.

Glamping is a form of camping which simply means camping in luxury, accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with the traditional camping are pieced together to create a delicious experience, giving camping a revamped look.

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Our friends at All The Rooms outlined 4 beautiful places to create fun glamping memories.

Oh and you can also watch this really cute video to find out more.

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