Truly Original: Folasade Adeoso


Her art fixates you into a story being told in an existing story, a mix of ethnocentric themed photographs, angled lines and digitally manipulated objects, Folasade Adeoso is a digital artist whose work is being deliciously consumed by the social-sphere with her Tumblr serving as aesthetic delight.


The Brooklyn-based Nigerian artist is urging dialogue in the appreciation of cultural affluence and relaying her personal inspirations in her work. Often times being made into art, Folasade is also a model that has featured in exhibited works by New York based photographers such as Kwesi Abbensetts and Baroon Clairborne.

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Folasade is serving as a new generation leader of cultural preservation – her accessories line which pays homage to her Nigerian heritage by the use of wax fabric famously known as “Ankara” to make purses, head wraps and jewelry. The line is named “1953” in honor of her dad, whose passing encouraged her to indulge her creative influence.

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1953 was the year that my Father was born, it became the year Nigeria became my Father’s land. This is in honor of him, a piece of him that I can now pass on to my own …read more

Source:: Fayrouz L’Original