Thinking of building a career in Public Relations? Here are the 14 most important skills in PR

The 2016 PR report cites talent as the industry’s single biggest challenge. Even though traditional expertise is prioritized over newer skills, it is strongly believed that the ability to attract and retain talent impedes on the overall growth of the PR industry.

Surprisingly, coding and development — which some believe will be a very necessary PR skill in the nearest future — is perceived to be the least most important PR skill in Nigeria.


According to PR practitioners and agency owners, having the following skill-set will set you apart and up for a successful PR career.

  • Content creation: 65.48% of respondents say content creation is the cornerstone of a PR professional’s career.
  • Media relations: In PR, you need to know all about the media. 63.10% prioritize this over every other skill. They believe that a PR practitioner should be able to think like the media, have a nose for news and be able to build a long-term mutually-beneficial relationship with members of the fourth estate. That’s how you get seen.
  • Creative thinking: 59.52% say creativity is a major ingredient for any successful PR campaign
  • Strategic planning: Never kick-start a PR campaign without a proper plan. Hone your strategy skills and you’ll make a killing.
  • Social media marketing: Well, for one this is the fastest area of practice in the industry and more clients are leveraging digital and social media to reach their customers.
  • Presentation skills: Just as important as writing is your ability to present your thoughts to individuals and to a group. How you say it is sometimes more important than what you say.
  • Innovate: Learn to seek out new and interesting ways to communicate with your audience. Your ability to innovate and find solutions will take you to the top and keep you there.
  • Time/task management: In a job were multiple clients and projects are all labelled “important,” the ability to prioritize, handle deadlines and the pressures that come with them is a valuable skill.
  • Organization: If you can work well enough for your boss to take free and personal times, you will be noticed in no time.
  • Computer skills: Knowing how to navigate Microsoft Office and other web page-creating programs will put you in good stead. Your work will involve a lot of typing. Emails and press releases come with the territory.
  • Communication skills: PR is all about interacting with others. Being able to hold your own professionally against clients and with an awareness of when to direct a conversation to someone more capable is a valuable skill.
  • Eye for detail: A sharp eye for detail is a very important skill in PR. Being able to spot incorrect fact(s) while perusing a document could do your company no harm.
  • Work ethic: PR is not your regular 9-5 job. It shouldn’t take over your life completely but the nature of the job requires that you sometimes have to put in that little bit of extra effort.
  • Research: PR practitioners normally carry out tons of research in order to learn new information unique to each client and campaign.
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