The World Cup is coming but the story is about “gatecrashing” marketers

A discerning marketer would tell you that this year (at least for Nigeria) is predominantly divided into two phases. Phase one being Football, a language that plays an integral role in constituting the fabrics of our society.

It is not uncommon to see people of seemingly different ethnic backgrounds argue passionately about the teams

they support and even go the extra mile to settle rift over football.

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Football possesses a strong unifying power that permeates into the hearts of many and often times evokes a spirit of patriotism and nationalism. Many still grin when they remember the miss of Aiyegbeni or RashidiYekini’s goal celebration in 1994

One of such game is the 2018 world cup hosted by Russia. This year would see a number of entrants particular from Africa who has about 5 teams representing them including our dear Nigeria. This would be a great time for fans across the world to see their countries and club players battle on a global scale for the top prize. But also a time for brands to speak the football language.

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The second phase needs no introduction, as acts and actions are daily surfacing with all of them pointing towards the 2019 Nigeria election, hindsight has shown us …read more

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Source:: Brandish