The Hip-Hop Beefs That Ended In 2018

Okay 2018 was a long a** yearrrrr… who else is ready for it to be over? TF. Make way for 2019 biko.

Only this year we’ve had – Black Panther, The Olympics, The World Cup, Dare went to Vegas, Kylie Jenner revealed her pregnancy, Elon Musk smoked weed on a live show and with that same energy stepped down as chairman of Tesla… I can go on and on AND ON.

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It has been a great year for hip-hop as well — I mean, I can talk about Cardi’s rise to the top and Beyonce shutting down Coachella, but what I’d rather talk about, are the beefs that got squashed in 2018.

Wait, but can actual beefs be squashed literally? 🤔

Anyway, focus, Sharon.

If there is anything fans love as much as the artists themselves, and even more than the music they bless us with — the clapbacks between music stars, especially now when social media allows us to experience the ‘fights’ gloriously.

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A lot of hip-hop beefs however were squashed this year and some are:

The Game and Meek Mill (April)

In 2016, Sean Kingston got robbed at a Los Angeles night club of jewelries that were valued at $300,000. The Game believed Meek …read more

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