The challenge of our exploding population

Bode Augusto

I have just left the 2018 Vanguard Economic Discourse, and I’m glad I honored the invitation. Like the first edition, which was headlined by Prof. Charles Soludo, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), this year’s Discourse was led by Mr. Bode Augusto, former DG of Budget-and like Soludo, Augusto was an excellent choice.

For one, Mr. Augusto has a thorough understanding of Nigeria’s economic issues as well as the global economy. Secondly, he’s a blunt speaker and never minces words. Thirdly and more remarkably, he’s a one-handed Economist; not those who would proffer certain solutions on the one hand and others in the other hand.

One of the key take-outs for me is the need to address our spiraling population. And he made a good analogy right there. The UK, in 1960 when it granted Nigeria independence, was roughly 51m in population while Nigeria was about 41.5m. In 2017, the UK was 60m and Nigeria 185m. Just negodu!

So let me simplify it for you. Way back in the 80s, my father summoned one of our uncles who he observed was breeding children like rabbits, or rather like him (my father). My parents had 10! …read more

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