Smell and Smoke in Lagos!

Over the last 8 days or so, the social media has been awash over the horrendous smoke which has engulfed Lagos, specifically around Ojota, inward or outward Lagos, depending where you are coming from or going to. Apparently the refuse dump site dangerously located in that low-income area was “mysteriously” set on fire and the area which has endured decades of malodorous putrefaction has been hit by another malady: smoke. I did not know how bad it was until I went past Ojota last Friday and, goodness me, the atmosphere was shocking, to say the least.

The skies over Ojota and indeed Ikeja was beclouded by thick, black smoke, which hung like an umbrella over the area blocking the March sunshine and promising a haze of black sooth on the already aged and tattered roofs. I can only imagine the discomfort being experienced by the millions of people living in that area. I hate to imagine the health implications-several dangerous possibilities exist.
I remember in the 90s, when I was living in Oregun area of this same, not too far from Ojota actually, I was unable to visit my cousin who lived in Olushosun basically because of the odoriferous effluvium that …read more

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Source:: wilberforce