Sharon Grey, The Psychologist Bringing Colour To Communications

Grey is a shade of infinite possibilities and when Sharon chose the colour as her new last name, she described its significance, ‘the colour describes who I am. I am neither black nor white, I am Grey.’ Sharon is anything but dull though, brimming with ideas and energy, the Psychology graduate brings a burst of colours to the team at ID Africa.

Sharon works on the Client Service and Business Development end of things, and when asked how she would describe her work, she says ‘… managing the perception and expectations of the client and the company. It’s a balance between two sides’.

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Sharon had interned at Black House Media at different times while still in school before joining the digital arm of the company as a full staff of IDA in 2018, then as a social media manager and has since grown to manage and handle Clients’ communication needs.

She explains that her background in psychology has helped her in handling the job better. Understanding how the human mind and behaviour works, is understanding how to communicate across different cultures. Sharon also expressed interest in the design and tech tools that make communications and human experiences in general, more …read more

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Source:: Idafrica