Review: MTV Shuga Naija Season 4 Flings Its Characters Into An Insane Array of Emotions. And It’s Lit.

In a world where young upwardly mobile people are increasingly beginning to consume most of their content online, MTV Shuga Naija does a positioning that will perhaps be described as ‘iconic’ in years to come.

Infusing youth-friendly language, music, style, and fashion, season 4 of course, continues to fly the flag of messaging without ‘doing too much.’

At the beginning of the season, things aren’t looking up for Faa (Bukola Oladipupo) and her family. She is dealing with the aftermath of rape and the vitriol hurled at her by the general public is totally unacceptable. Her brother, Ebisinde (Abayomi Alvin) struggles with the emotional burden that weighs on the shoulder of one who has made a mistake and is paying gravely for it. Frances (Ruby Akubeze) tries to find justice but every time she comes close, it slips through her fingers like beach sand. There’s also Cynthia (Uzoamaka Aniunoh) who has been declared persona non grata by the reigning queen bee in her school, Diana (Heleena Nelson) and now has to deal with the bullying that comes with being banned from a popular squad in a secondary school. Something that can be equated to being blacklisted from …read more

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Source:: Idafrica