Renmoney Takes Tech to Public Schools in Lagos

Renmoney, a leading fintech company in Lagos, partnered with Ingentes Technologies to coach public school pupils on computer programming.

The initiative titled, ‘Tech for the Streets’ exposes secondary school students to technology by teaching them basic coding and providing them with other tips on how to be successful in the Nigerian technology space.

Students at the IIupeju Senior Secondary School were the first to benefit from this in February 2019. Renmoney’s Information Technology Manager, Adija Uzodinma, facilitated a session during the orientation.

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While addressing the students, Adija said, “Technology skills cannot be ignored today as people who learn even basic technology skills are often viewed as more qualified for complex, higher income roles. I think it’s important that every child, no matter what career path they choose, should have at least one digital/technology skill”.

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Oluwatobi Boshoro, Renmoney’s CEO said: “We’re really happy to partner with Ingentes Technologies for this initiative because there’s a real need to provide a platforms where young minds can learn the basics from practicing professionals and be mentored to make good career choices”.

Ingentes Technologies is an IT solutions company specializing in training, computer sales, repairs and IT support. Tech for the Streets is an initiative aimed at equipping public school …read more

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Source:: MediaCraft