Reasons why you see what you see on your Instagram feed

Ok fam, a few days ago, Instagram officially spilled the tea to a group of reporters on how their algorithm works. Coming from the company, this is great news after some confusing rumours had gone viral about the algorithm.


1. The company had decided to go back to its chronological order.

This was quite believable because in 2016, Instagram users went berserk after they had noticed that they were missing some posts of people they followed on the social platform. Just because the platform had changed from the reverse chronological feed to a new algorithm.

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2. Editing captions within 24 hours could reduce the visibility of posts on the platform.

Anyone could fall for this especially if your engagement on the gram is quite low.

3. All businesses should use personal accounts to personalise and draw followers.

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Really? If personal accounts really draw in more followers, then how come some businesses have 500k followers?

These rumours had driven advertisers, bloggers and users MAD, changing this and changing that to rank highly on Instagram’s algorithm.

But the Instagram’s reality is:

1. Instagram is not at this time considering an option to see the old reverse chronological feed.
2. Instagram does not hide posts in the feed, and you’ll see …read more

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Source:: Idafrica