Our Most Anticipated Events and Moments of 2018

This year IDA team members have various personal goals and plans: financial, academic, romantic, and so on.

However, as a collective, there are a few events, moments and things we all look forward to in the new year.

Check them out:

Winter Olympics: History will be made in February 2018, and as Nigerians, we are excited to enjoy a rare experience of the Winter Olympics with the rest of the world. Nigeria’s bobsled team will compete at the event, marking the first time the country is represented.

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Drop in exchange rate: The Naira’s plunge to N360 per $1 back in mid- March 2017 has been affecting a lot of small medium enterprises pushing them to shut down business completely. And as a digital agency, we’ve had to suffer at the hands of exchange rate issues, seeing that a lot of our tools and subscriptions are paid for in USD, while clients pay us in Naira. It hurts. We’ll be expecting more stability in exchange rates in 2018.

2019 Election campaign: This is important. The fact that we can get to see …read more

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Source:: Idafrica