Oghenekume Akpubi – Redefining Storytelling With Illustrations, Graphics And Designs

Getting to know Kume, is getting to hear his strong, mostly contrary views and opinions about pretty much everything. While other people may tend to be careful about ruffling feathers and unsettling customs, not Kume. Confident to a point of arrogance, Kume says it as he sees it and is not afraid who hears it.


Born in Sapele in Delta state, Akpubi grew up to be as playful and rambunctious as any young boy should. He reminisces about his childhood, “when I was younger, I wanted to be a farmer, living on my little farm, eating what I could grow…” Kume sheds more light on his childhood experiences, he shares, ‘my dad used to take us to these historic sights in Delta state..’ and then he goes on to share a story about a place in his hometown that may or may not have supernatural elements.

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While others may be able to respond to questions with a simple answer, Kume tells stories.

Whether in writing, or through his designs, illustrations or paintings, Kume is always telling a story. Even in a conversation with him, you are likely to be drawn into one story or argument or the other.

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