No Resolutions, But We Have Some Thoughts

I walked into the office early this morning and found Tobi Ogunlesi hammering away at his laptop.

Not long after that, Taofeek Bankole walked in and then everyone else trickled in.

Everyone looked good, upbeat, ready to crush the New Year — and then I wondered if there were any issues they were dealing with from the previous year that could dampen the exciting energy.

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So I decided to ask.

Obviously couldn’t speak with everyone because my own work sef plenty lol — but, my guys had plenty to say.

I started with Tobi who manages the Multichoice account and he said the vim to succeed is loud but he really cannot kill himself, work never stops and at the risk of running mad, he is looking forward to some sort of work/life balance this year.

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Taofeek, who manages our clients’ brand contents prays for inspiration as liquid and large as the ocean in order to deal with the torrent of work coming in.

Njideka Akabogu who manages Viacom just wants more money lmao, her social page thinks not. Just look at lavish living.

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Oyindamola who manages the Multichoice account with Tobi would love …read more

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