Nike Art Gallery


Nike Art Gallery is one of those places you visit when you want to be surrounded and inspired by creativity. Before you even enter the building, you see unique sculptures and artworks in the compound.

A goat head made from painted Bicycle Tyres, an Eyo Masquerade made with bolts and tin, a long table and chair with strips of red, yellow & green and a cool white Bungalow which houses the Nike Gallery Café.

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The Gallery itself has 4 floors, each filled with a variety of Traditional and Contemporary artwork, sculptures, furniture and decorative items made from materials like brass, wood, copper, beads and tin. My favourite item has to be the Saxophone shaped clock as I am a Saxophonist so I love anything that reminds me of my Instrument.

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I was greatly impressed by the quality of artwork on display and I commend Mrs Nike Okundaye for promoting & conserving Nigerian art and culture. She has different art centres around Nigeria, where trainings in various forms of art are offered free of charge. She has trained over 3,000 young Nigerians who now earn a living from the proceeds of their art.

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Many people come from the UK, US, Canada and other African Countries …read more

Source:: Fayrouz L’Original