Nigerian Breweries launches “Go Places”, a unique global talent campaign


Nigeria’s pioneer and largest brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc., has kicked off the Heineken global talent campaign, GO PLACES in Nigeria. The official announcement event held today October 17, 2016 at the company’s Abebe Village, Iganmu headquarters in Lagos.


GO PLACES takes the unique form of an interactive visual storytelling game and engaging video interview, which models the Enneagram test, gives a fun and exciting edge to the typical corporate recruiting process, converting a regular job interview into a punchy, colourful collage of life-defining decisions. GO PLACES illustrates the distinctive and exciting culture prospective recruits should expect to experience working at Nigerian Breweries Plc. in Nigeria and at any of the 170 Heineken companies located in 70 countries around the world.

See below an address given by Human Resource Director, Nigerian Breweries PLC., Victor Famuyibo at the unveil of the GO PLACES campaign on October 17.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Nigerian Breweries Plc. Very often when we invite you to unveil a brand or public relations led campaign. For the first time in a very long while we have asked you to join us this evening to unveil a human resource campaign. The campaign is in itself unique because it is a first of its kind that showcases fun, enjoyable and “very cool” opportunities available in our organization. We call it the GO PLACES Campaign.

As you may be aware, Nigerian Breweries provides employment to over 4,000 Nigerians in our various Breweries and offices. Through auxiliary industries that provide inputs like cans, bottles, crates, cartons and label manufacturers we also support further job creation in the wider economy. By the last socio-economic study done in 2013, Nigerian Breweries prior to the merger was already supporting over 279,000 jobs in its value chain without including the farmers in the agricultural sector.

As a member of a reputable international organization, we have expatriate colleagues working in our business just as we are also proud to be a net exporter of jobs in a sense because we now have more Nigerian managers currently working in positions of high responsibility across the Heineken group. We have been able to meet this standard because, in line with our parent company’s ideal, we are constantly in search of high quality graduates to fill available vacancies across the world.

Finding the right people is key for any business that desires to achieve the best. We believe that the successes recorded by our company over the last 70 years would not have been possible without having the right quality of employees. This means that we have developed enough competence to identify and attract the right people to our company.

As a company within the global HEINEKEN heritage, we understand that today’s talents are not looking to fill just about any vacancy in faceless business entities, but are strategically looking for opportunities to invest in a place where they can exploit their potential and make a difference, preferably in a place, that itself makes a difference by creating those opportunities.  

To help attract these stars of the future, Heineken has developed a global campaign with actual HEINEKEN employees and brands.

Distinguish Gentlemen of the Press, I invite you GO PLACES with us. GO PLACES is a novel global Employee Value Proposition (EVP) campaign to support and inspire Heineken Operating Companies to strengthen talent attraction, engagement and development. GO PLACES is aimed at attracting potential hires while simultaneously engaging current employees. It is about winning-in-talent and winning beyond talent.

The campaign has two basic assets- The “Manifesto” and “The Interview”. The Manifesto is a video which provides an interactive experience that perfectly illustrates the distinctive career prospects employees could expect from working at any of the HEINEKEN operating companies in 70 countries. The interactive Interview consists of 12 timed questions, designed to reveal the unique character traits prospective candidates will bring into the HEINEKEN world.  

The Go Places Campaign is therefore calling on interested candidates to visit and watch ‘The Manifesto before taking “The Interview”. After answering the questions a profile is generated based on the responses. The profile is HEINEKEN’s interpretation of the candidate based on their responses to the questions asked, with all the strengths and skills the answers reveal. To progress the application further a link with the “Apply Here” tag will lead the candidate to where he or she can apply for available openings.  Prospective candidates can follow our LinkedIn and Careers pages as well as share the links on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The advertised positions are open for 4 weeks, starting from today, Monday, 17th October 2016.  After the campaign is concluded, we believe we would have pulled in our stars of the future who will then go through our recruitment processes which involves standard tests and interviews.

As an operating company of HEINEKEN, Nigerian Breweries employees are exposed to enormous opportunities to develop their careers not just for the local market but also globally. The Go Places Campaign, is our way of attracting the emerging talents and exposing them to the endless opportunities within the world of HEINEKEN.

You can take the interview at

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