Newsroom, Thenetng, Zikoko and TechCabal are having a ‘digital breakfast’ in Lagos

Newsroom, Thenetng, Zikoko and TechCabal are having a ‘digital breakfast’ in Lagos

Titled ‘NEXXT’, the event is expected to showcase tools and trends relevant to the market as of today, while demonstrating specific strategies the platforms have used to connect brands with audiences in recent times.

“It’s the first of many events to come”, says Seyi Taylor of Big Cabal Media, who first came up with the idea. “It’s important for us to close the gap between those of us who create and distribute content, and the agencies and brands who regularly have to engage their friends and customers through our platforms.”

The event holds at Protea Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, in Lagos on Friday, September 2, 2016.

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The four websites, Taylor says, were selected because of what they represent for the partnering organisations (Big Cabal Media and BlackHouse Media), as well as for the Nigerian content market.

Thenetng, now in its seventh year, is the global website for Nigerian entertainment, delivering exclusive content to over 20 million internet users every month. Thenetng is also known for organizing the annual Nigerian Entertainment Conference, as well as setting up NETSHOP, a market place for the entertainment industry.

Thenetng now owns, a human interest website set up for real-time local, regional, and national news and views, plus citizen-generated reports to prevent crime, reward local heroes, and record history.

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“We speak to young Nigerians every day, be it on our websites, or on our social media pages. There’s been no better time to be in this business, and we are happy to share insights with, as well as learn from, our agency partners and friends this Friday”, Thenetng founder Ayeni Adekunle said.

Zikoko, on one hand, has become the darling of young Nigerians who are looking for creative, shareable content, amassing millions of followers in just 16 months since going live. TechCabal, on the other hand, along with its community Radar, has become the leading voice in tech and trends across the African continent. Both platforms are highly popular with young Nigerians, and respected by those they cover.

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This event is strictly by invitation.

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