Get Familiar With These 10 Facts About Africa. No. 6 Will Literally Crack Your Ribs! :D

Africa, home to over 3000 distinct ethnic groups, Mansa Musa Keita (arguably the richest man to ever walk the surface of the earth with an estimated net worth of $400 Billion), shit load of natural resources, the world’s most beautiful women (Agbani Darego – World’s Most Beautiful Woman 2011) and many more amazing things which will be highlighted in the list below.

If I were you this is the perfect time to grab a soda, popcorn, sit back, relax and let’s unravel Africa together.

So, did you know?…

1. Africa has around 30% of the earth’s remaining mineral resources

2. Nollywood is Nigeria’s second biggest employer after agriculture

3. Ethiopia was the world’s fastest growing economy in 2015

4. More than half of the world’s mobile money accounts are in Africa

5. Africa’s population will more than double to 2.3 billion people by 2050

6. Mozambique native, Graca Machel, is the only women to have ever been first lady of two different countries (Mozambique and South Africa).

7. Over 25% of the world’s languages are spoken only in Africa

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LCB Bank and Mastercard working together to contribute to the Republic of Congo’s economy transformation

LCB Bank, a subsidiary of BMCE Bank Of Africa Morocco Group, and Mastercard announced their and partnership focused on digitising the Republic of Congo’s financial economy in support of the countries desire to financially empower its citizens.

The partnership agreement will strengthen the payment landscape through the introduction of relevant solutions, thus encouraging the introduction of new digital solutions which will promote further innovation in the sector.

Modernising the local payment sector will result in all citizens gaining access to a wider selection of convenient, secure and easy to use payment solutions. EMV Chip and Pin enabled Mastercard payment cards will be introduced including prepaid, debit and credit, followed by solutions such as Masterpass QR.

“We, LCB Bank together with Mastercard are dedicated to providing access to affordable financial services to all citizens in the Republic of Congo. Through our relationship, LCB Bank is now licensed to provide a wide range of Mastercard products and services, giving both locals and foreigners the ability to pay for goods and services more securely and conveniently, both regionally and globally” said, M. Mohamed TAHRI, General Manager of LCB Bank.

With focus on delivering against the countries goals of developing a more inclusion economy, access to locally relevant …read more

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Skye Bank’s new TVC highlights the power of the consumer in modern marketing

Skye Bank Plc has released a new television commercial designed to leverage its robust, onmi-channel SkyeXperience platform to reinforce its pedigree as leader in the use of technology to facilitate financial services transactions. Themed “You are in Control,” the new television commercial leverages the uniform experience of Skye Bank’s internet banking application to point the […]

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Digital Marketing Trends set to dominate 2018

2018 holds a lot of secrets, but one thing’s for sure, there will be a lot of changes that brands and digital marketers will have to be aware of to make appropriate changes. Here’s some trends you can expect to see in what proves to be an exciting 2018. Facebook stories have become a…

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Tony Elumelu calls for restructuring of taxation at LBS Alumni Conference

Tony Elumelu, Chairman of Heirs Holdings, has called for the restructuring of government regulations and taxation to support business growth in Nigeria. He made the call at the Lagos Business School Alumni Association 2017 Conference, held on Thursday, November 16, 2017 Elumelu, who was guest speaker at the occasion, spoke on the conference theme: The […]

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Sona Group soon to open its multi billion naira ethanol plant in Ogun State

The Chairman of Sona Group of Industries, Mr. Arjan Mirchandani has said that its multi-billion naira ethanol plant will be completed in about two months. When completed, the plant which is reputed to be the largest in Africa will produce 120,000 litres of ethanol daily. Mirchandani made the disclosure when a team from First Bank […]

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Mastercard and Nigerian Business Leaders Commit to Transforming Nigeria’s Cities into Strong Economic Hubs

With half of Nigeria’s population currently living in cities, it is critical that a development framework is in place to ensure that future growth is sustainable. This was a key message highlighted at the Mastercard CEO Conversations dinner held last night, where dialogue focused on: ‘Developing Nigeria’s Smart Cities through Technology Transformation‘.

Leaders in businesses attended and joined the discussion with Mastercard President and CEO, Ajay Banga, who is visiting the country this week. Bismarck Rewane, renowned economist, hosted the session and reinforced the point that 60 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated by those living in cities.

Financial Institution and Telco CEOs and other business leaders gathered for an evening to discuss the country’s continued growth, and the increasingly important role of the private sector. The question of the evening was, how do smart cities deliver economic growth and resilience?

Smart cities leverage technology with open standards and platforms to drive scale in order to deliver economic growth and efficiency. In Nigeria, technology is helping citizens connect to services that help them lead better and easier lives. Mobile is playing an important role, and more Nigerian’s have access to the internet via their smartphones, with current estimates stating …read more

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Alternatives to Google

According to netmarket share, 80% of people depend on Google services to carry out a large part of their daily online activity.There is no doubt Google has some of the best free suites of services, however, there are a few good alternatives to consider apart from Google.

Duck Duck Go: If you’re not willing to sacrifice your privacy on web anymore, then your go to search engine is Duck Duck Go. Unlike Google search which keeps track of user’s search history and returns personalized ads, Duck Duck Go maintains users privacy as this search engine never tracks you and your activities.

Kiwi: We agree that Google flights are highly responsive on mobile and desktop, but asides speed, a good alternative to searching and booking flights is Kiwi.

Fast Mail: Just as the name implies, Fast Mail is a paid alternative to Google Mail that’s super fast and also with a practical, effective and clean interface.

BuySellAds: Although Google Adsense is one of the best PPC- based networks today, there are several alternatives to it, one of which is called BuySellAds. Interestingly, publisher’s share …read more

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Extreme carpet-crossing as X3M Ideas resigns 9 Mobile for Glo

Account realignments rarely take towards year end but in an environment where operators are increasingly heavily challenged by dropping numbers and agencies are on their part seeking opportunities to remain profitable, nothing is cast on stone. Those who know the umbilical relationship between Steve Babaeko’s X3M Ideas, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing creative shop, and […]

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The role of Brand Recognition in innovation

By Mark Di Somma Brands gain strength from the associations they build with consumers. But those same associations can work against brands when they look to introduce ideas that go too far beyond what consumers expect. Professor Kyle Murray of the University of Alberta says that the failure of Crystal Pepsi is a classic example […]

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