New Year Energy and the Foolish Wisdom of Making Resolutions

Femi Falodun talking

I’m not one for big new year resolutions. I trust more in day-to-day incremental growth in most matters of life. Of course, I also believe in the ‘Quantum Leap’ (word to Pastor ‘Poju) — a dramatic, unpredictable, sudden geometric growth brought about by factors out of one’s direct control. But Quantum Leaps don’t happen to dead bodies. They happen to people actively doing, working… moving. You’ve gotta walk before the leap.

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You see, the Quantum Leap is sort of like a huge wind on the sea, that drives the sailing boat roaring to its destination. Sailors don’t create the winds, but they are always prepared, carefully setting their sails to capture the force which drives them in the direction of their destination. The ill-prepared sailor gets destroyed by the same wind that drives the expert sailor home.

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I was discussing with the team the other day about the concept of the “new year” and how it’s really just a social construct. Think about it. It’s not like there’s an actual visible change that happens to the physical world around us at the stroke of midnight on December 31/January 1. The air stays the same, apart from light from …read more

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Source:: Idafrica