Narcissism: Why We All Have A Personality Disorder

In 1996, when Gov. George Deukmejian approved “The State Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem, Personal and Social Responsibility”, every other state in America thought California was having a laugh. Even a specialist of political behaviour at San Jose State University was quoted as saying “I can’t imagine Idaho having a task force on self-esteem”, they all said “It sounds so Californian”.

Guess what though? After the task force, headed by statesman John Vasconcellos presented the result of it’s study 3 years later that “People with a strong self-image are more likely to live productive lives”, everyone suddenly caught the self-esteem bug.

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Prominent figures like Oprah declared that ‘self-esteem’ would be the buzz word for the 90s, the get-in-shape wave hit and everyone wanted to look good, the importance of self-confidence was pressed in schools and child rearing activities, one teacher was quoted as saying “They began to tell me, it doesn’t matter if a child could spell, as long as she feels good about herself.”

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People were being encouraged to feel great no matter their imperfections and also treat other people with ‘unconditional positive regard’, which means everyone was brimming with self-love and also sharing this emotion with friends, families and especially strangers.

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