#MuteRKelly: Spotify Responds By Dropping R.Kelly


We’ve all heard the rumors of R. Kelly’s escapades with underage girls, he has never been convicted for these crimes because he kept settling with these girls out of court.

For decades now people have raged and ranted but nothing ever got done, but it looks like the finger that finally got the ball rolling was a digital one.

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Twitter has in it’s time served as a major tool for causes and movements that otherwise gets stifled by the general media.

The MuteRKelly hashtag started in July 2017 and slowly began to gain momentum. A lot of people had a lot to say.

Some were fully yelling

Y’all are killing me with this R. Kelly defense. This is the most non-secret ever. It’s not new! If you grew up in Chicago, raise your hand if you ever saw R. Kelly & his cohorts at your high school or your friends’ high school(s) 🏾‍♀️. #MuteRKelly

— britt matt (@DreamUndeferred) May 1, 2018

R Kelly has literally been grooming young girls for 25+ years. What makes him any different than registered pedophiles? Why does he continue to get a fucking pass from the music industry? #MuteRKelly FFS!

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Source:: Idafrica