Meet Prince Ehima, the Eclectic Nigerian Designer Creating Magic With Graphic, Videos and Web Applications

Meet Prince Ehima:

It all started with the love of comics at childhood – silly childhood books, that opened up one child’s imagination to what is possible and what can be real. Prince Ehima has gone from drawing up comic characters with pencils to creating the impossible behind his laptop and mouse.

The Product Designer at ID Africa has come a long way from his Olabisi Onabanjo University days studying Computer Science. When Prince was asked how he got into Product Designing from Computer Science, Prince explained that coding was never for him. ‘I have always been a designer’ he says.

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A Product Designer creates products that the end-user will use, enjoy and appreciate. As Product Designer, Prince oversees the entire Design Team consisting of the Graphics Designer and the UI/UX team.

Prince joined the BlackHouseMedia (BHM) team in 2013 as a Digital Media Executive, then became one of the founding members of ID Africa first as a Graphics Designer, until he grew to become a Products Designer.

When asked how he acquired his numerous and diverse skills, the Edo State indigene explained that everything he now knows, he learnt through online courses on Coursera. He has never had …read more

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Source:: Idafrica