‘Like Zippers and Bra Straps’, A Poem Dedicated To The IDA Fam As 2018 Ends

Been a while I wrote anything for this blog. Blame the absence on the demands of chasing clients, surviving Lagos, raising kids and everything else that comes with adulting in this world. Sigh.

Anyways, Oluchi and her gang put me as anchor for the last edition of ID Africa’s weekly newsletter, The Bang! in 2018. You can subscribe here to catch up on our weekly collection of randomness and brilliant idiocy. Also, peep some of the past editions of The Bang! here.

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I decided to do a poem, mostly because I tend to ramble when I write long articles (or speak, lol), but somehow, I express myself better with poetry and rhymes.

So, this one is dedicated to all the nice naughty boys and good bad girls of ID Africa, both former and current, who have contributed one way or the other to a successful 2018.

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Stay sharp guys. Love.

POEM: Like Zippers and Bra Straps…
It’s been a weird, wild and wonderful year over here
12 moons rolled by, and we’re still hanging in there.
A dozen hours a day, me and the crew battling briefs
Breaking borders, bulldozing boulders of brands’ unbelief.

A bunch of cool creative kids with diverse perspectives
Our …read more

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