Kylie’s Lips Eventually Popped, But Into A Billion Dollars

During the week, Kylie Jenner’s profile was published by Forbes stating that the soon to be 21 year old is set to be the youngest ‘self-made billionaire’ ever as Kylie Cosmetics, her makeup brand, has amassed $900 million.

Wow. We totally stan this! #TheFutureIsFemale

While a lot of people are debating over the word ‘self-made’ and arguing on how the word should be rightly used, we took a few minutes to quickly snag an introductory marketing lecture with Prof. Kylie Jenner.

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1. Turn your disadvantages into advantages: When Kylie got that shocking and sudden face transformation with the lip fillers, the internet trolls had a field day with it. While anyone would have been lamenting and hiding, Kylie turned her most widely-talked about feature into her biggest asset and Kylie Cosmetics was birthed. In life, our not-so-great attributes are usually our best assets if channeled properly.

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2. Pull the weight of your social media: While print, TV and radio are amazing ways to sell your products, social media remains an undefeated King in the game. You can never really overuse social media in marketing your brand. Kylie was constantly posting teasers of her new kits and engaging with her fans; all of these …read more

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Source:: Idafrica