Kardashians: The Digital Royal Family

The combined net-worth of the Kardashian girls is $375,000,000, they also have a combined following of 468,000,000 people on Instagram alone.

Let that sink in.

They have consistently held our attention on various platforms for 11 years now and they don’t seem to be losing it anytime soon, what with the recent renewal of their Tv show for season 14?

They are literally being chased down by brands who want to communicate with the public and associate with their brand.

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Why are they so captivating?

Everyone on Twitter would point to Kris and her ‘Momager’ skills, but if we are to add a bit of science to it, we will find out that the Kardashians follow a set principles that apply to Marketing Communications.

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This Twitter moment pinpoints some of those principles.

Digital Communication Lessons to Learn from Kim’s Sexual Proclivities.

Another factor worth mentioning is their sense of style and how they make everything look super glamorous.

Here is a slide of Kim’s style evolution, going back over a decade.

There is a lot we can learn from the Kardashians, especially as it relates to branding and communications.

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This infographic may put things into better perspective.

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