Just like the dragons – You’ll only win When you evolve

Adapt or Die, that is the single most important rule in business. Regardless of the industry, businesses must evolve to remain relevant. This is even more important in the new media industry where technology is ever evolving. The way content is being consumed now is not how it was consumed few months ago, talk less of years ago.

As a marketing communications company we understand the need to continually seek out ways to keep up with the changing tides or get lost in obscurity.

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This is the secret to our success and we want to share this ideal with all of Africa. We believe that the Dinosaurs were great creatures in their time, top of the food chain, giant predators that no other could challenge, but then something changed, the earth began to change and they needed to evolve. Some dinosaurs succumbed to the changing tides, understanding that this was the only route to survival. They evolved and became Dragons. The others who were late to the evolution party had no choice but to become preys to the larger, fire breathing creatures.

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When discussing the reasoning behind such a massive PR stunt, X3M C.E.O, Steve Babaeko spoke of the lesson …read more

Source:: Brandish