Instagram’s new “mute” button could save your love life?

Seeing bae’s pictures and videos on your Instagram feed is not a problem. But seeing an ex’s post on your newsfeed could just be a shitty reminder of your failed hookups.

Instagram just released a new cool mute feature that will help you follow your ex without really seeing his/her posts on your newsfeed all the time.

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Whenever you use the mute button on an account, you will not be able to see pictures and videos from the muted account on your Instagram feed. But you may still see DMs, photos on TLs and get notifications from posts or comments they tag you in.

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Via TechCrunch

If you mute an ex, it could save you from awkward questions from bae who’s probably wondering why you haven’t unfollowed him/her since you broke up😉😎

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