FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Sign up mandatory to pair my device with flashx server, and is that sign up process paid or Free?

Yes, signup is must and also it is the free process that you can use to enjoy the online streaming. To get signed into your account or to pair your Kodi device, you just need to get registered and the registration process is, that we called to sign up.

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Q: As soon as I try to click on the verify me it sends me to another page and I can not pair, Can you tell the solution for this?

Using the VPN would be the best option for this problem. It might be because of blogged IP or unauthorized traffic. So the VPN will provide you the better path to get paired easily and you will be able to get verified.

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Q: What are the Working URLs of Flashx Pair?

Sometimes This URL May not work So, Instead, you can use this https://flashx.ex/pairing.php or or

Q: Is Safe or Not?

Flashx tv pair is unsafe to use because if we are pairing with the server of the third party then definitely we have to enter the IP …read more

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