How We Are Building An African Marketing, Media and Technology Powerhouse

Wednesday, February 27th marked exactly four years since BHM Group Founder, Ayeni Adekunle announced the birth of Info Digital Africa Limited (ID Africa), a creative marketing communications and digital media company. The mission then was, and still is to build a business that uses smart thinking, compelling content, and technology to help brands, organisations, governments and individuals connect with those they care about.

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You see, I joined a fledgling digital media unit of BHM (the PR agency) in February of 2014, back when most PR companies still had little or no clue on how to handle digital content and social media marketing. I resumed at BHM the very next Monday after the Friday I left my banking job of 6 years. I left behind a comfortable, relatively good and steady pay, with all that stability, to pursue a passion for marketing, comms and digital media. And yes, I had to take a significant pay cut!

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But since February 2015, when Prince Ehima, Yinka Olayokun and myself, were dragged by ATG from our comfy little office to start the ID Africa business, our dear little outfit has managed to execute over 150 campaigns for various organisations, brands and businesses. In 48 months, …read more

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Source:: Idafrica