How To Make Money With Facebook Ads For Your Business

Are you a business owner? How well do you use Facebook for your business and do you know how to make money with Facebook ads?

Facebook announced earlier this week, on Tuesday, that it is suing two app developers, who were allegedly found engaging in a scheme to hijack users’ phones with malware that could fraudulently click on ads to make money.

The app developers, LionMobi and Jedimobi who are based in Hong Kong and Singapore respectively, are said to have launched malicious apps in the Google Play app store that once installed used users’ phones to trick Facebook’s advertising system into paying out cash to them by pretending to be “real” people clicking on online advertisements.

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Both have been sued for engaging in “click injection” ad fraud.

While Facebook’s constant change in algorithm means that business owners on the platform struggle to generate money through advertising, there are some effective strategies to bolster your chances of making money through Facebook ads without having to devise dubious means.

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There are over 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users and small businesses have generated as high as $18,000 in revenue through Facebook ads at their beginners’ stage.

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