How to Boost Employee Engagement in 3 Steps

How to Boost Employee Engagement in 3 Steps - Mediacraft Nigeria

Communication is the
lifeblood of relationships. Companies that understand this are better able to
deploy internal communications as the first step in ensuring effective and quality
employee engagement.

Experts say that internal
communications can make or break a company’s culture, depending on how
effectively and consistently it is done. To have highly committed and
productive employees, internal communication is key.

Here are 3 ideas to
boost your firms internal communications process, increase effectiveness and
encourage employee engagement.

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Establish A Winning Onboarding

Studies indicate that great on-boarding can improve employee retention by a colossal 82 percent. To achieve this ALL on-boarding materials or documentation must be available in a single location (preferably online) and not be treated as some state secret.

Indeed, before dropping
them off in the deep end of work, new recruits should be made to work through
this online resource—absorbing core values, filling out forms, learning about processes
and procedures, and getting familiar with the tools the company uses.

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Indisputably, housing
all relevant onboarding materials in one easily accessible place is a great way
to set employees up for success. It automatically creates a sense of
transparency, a feeling of inclusiveness and touch of authenticity

No, a haphazard system
just won’t cut it in this age.

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Employees as Content

Today, employees are quietly
emerging as the most significant voice a …read more

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