Happy belated birthday iMac!

On Sunday folks celebrated the 20th anniversary of the iMac. Can you believe it? On May 6, 1998, the iMac computer was launched by Steve Jobs as a personal device designed to be different.

To show you how it all began, we’re sharing this Twitter Moment with you.

It was 20 years ago today, Apple announced the original iMac. A computer from another planet;a planet with good designer. What I also like about it is, despite its legacy-free design, it sported 2 headphone jacks. they show the designer had some vision about how iMac wd be used. pic.twitter.com/UTU7vsG1D7

— Nobi Hayashi 林信行 (@nobi) May 6, 2018

On this day in 1998: Apple unveils iMac pic.twitter.com/ULavNpAWJG

— Jon Erlichman (@JonErlichman) May 6, 2018

20 years ago today, Steve introduced the world to iMac. It set Apple on a new course and forever changed the way people look at computers. pic.twitter.com/GbKno7YBHl

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) May 6, 2018

Happy 20th birthday, iMac! pic.twitter.com/gAtKgCSSQW

— CNET (@CNET) May 6, 2018


— Jonah Sachs (@JonahSachs13) May 6, 2018

The original iMac was announced 20 …read more

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