Four Nollywood Moms Instagram Needs To Verify, Now

It is the technological era, our Mothers can’t figure out what’s what with tech much less know how to operate the remote control.

These veteran Nollywood Moms though, are shaking the digital table and if Instagram doesn’t give them all the accolades they deserve, we might have to contact Thanos.

First on the list is Joke Silva

Her Instagram profile boasts of a staggering 674,000 followers, amid several fire selfies and work pictures, Joke Silva takes the time to connect with her followers by posting videos like to this. 👇🏽

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The next on the list is Sola Sobowale

Her follower count follows Joke’s closely at 669,000. She uses Instagram to show off her fabolous fashion style. Like this 👇🏽

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Instagram Photo

Third Nollywood Mom is the Queen mother herself, Ngozi Ezeonu.

With 416,000 followers, Ngozi uses Instagram to promote her projects like she is doing here 👇🏽

Instagram Photo

Saving the best for last; Ngozi Nwosu or simply ‘Mama Tiwa’

Nwosu barely has up to 12,000 followers, but her profile reflects her personality 100%. Drama rules!
Something like this 👇🏽

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Source:: Idafrica