Fill This University Website Survey To Make Your Life Easier

We at ID Africa know how important it is in this digital age for Universities to have properly functioning websites. We also know that all the universities in Nigeria, which are a lot, by the way, cannot all function properly. The real question is “do they even all have websites?”

We know that a functional university website can make life easier for both the students and the staff. This is why we at ID Africa are interested to hear from students on their personal experiences with using Nigerian universities’ websites.

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We have created this survey to gather relevant and useful information on the overall user experience and the technicalities of these websites.

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This survey will only take 3 minutes of your time, but you would’ve saved a life (it may even be yours) by finishing it.

Thank you so much (in advance) for helping to answer these questions. We appreciate your help and look forward to changing Nigeria one university at a time.

Fill the survey here.

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