Don offers ideas to boost economy, as Gbola Sokoya turns 60

Professor of Management at Middle Tennessee State University, Prof. Sesan Kim Sokoya, on Thursday, July 26, offered ideas on how the Nigerian economy can be boosted with adequate economic clusters. Professor Sokoya was speaking in Lagos at the special public lecture organised by Pinnacle Leadership and Entrepreneurial Academy Nigeria Limited in celebration of the firm’s chairman, Mr. Gbola Sokoya, on the occasion of the latter’s 60th birthday. The theme of the lecture was ‘Sustainable National Development in a Globalized Economy: Modern Prescriptions’.

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The Associate Dean for Graduate and Executive Education at MTSU explained that economic clusters in Nigeria should be made effective saying: “Economic clusters in Nigeria should have their own identities. They should be built with the presence of enabling factors such as internet access and adequate power supply.”

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He also highlighted the lack of coordinated policies to grow economic clusters as a challenge to the feasibility of these institutions. He said: “It has been discovered that all the free trade zones in Nigeria such as the Calabar Free Trade Zone, Kano Free Trade Zone and the Lekki Free Trade Zone – all suffer from power outages, language differences and serious corruption. How can the economy grow …read more

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