Dealing With Negative Feedbacks In A Creative Industry

Working in a creative industry can be a very tricky business, the super ideas you think will fly, can be rubbished and ripped apart right in front of you.

Getting feedback on your work is the only way to grow and improve. It compels you to justify your thinking and creative ideas, and also teaches you to be humble, because we consider our ideas and creations (for designers) as an extension of ourselves, this means, negative feedbacks are taken personally.

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Anyway, since I can’t offer permanent thick skins, here are 4 ways to take feedbacks won’t leave you totally heartbroken.

1. Never ask for answers
When the feedback process pokes massive holes in your idea or creation, it can be tempting to simply ask for a clear direction or solution to the problem. The offside to this is, a quick solution will not push you to explore different angles and possibilities. Coming up with a solution will offer you an opportunity to learn new things and develop your skills.

2. Be Cool Calm and Collected
When you get negative feedbacks, most time, we are always tempted to hang on every negative word and gesture. But, it is advisable …read more

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