D&D Primordial Language & Translator

Primordial Language 5e A to Z

People before the ancient history have been using different languages and those creatures who belong to the same group communicate in the same language. This is known as the primordial language which is spoken by elementals and primordials. As time evolved so as primordial languages and was categorized into 5 different dialects: Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Ignan and Terran where Giant is the database of all these forms. Early civilization was represented by these languages where their origins are unknown. The two most common scripting for these languages are: Barazhad and Dwarvish.

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Primordial Language Translator

The family of languages evolve into different dialects over civilizations where primordial languages have become strange in the modern era. Except for outsiders and powerful elementals, primordial language is not known to any living culture or human being. If you wanted to translate your common language into 5e primordial, you will need a D&D primordial translator.

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If you are an enthusiast of Dungeons and Dragons game and wanted to know about primordial language, we have collected a complete letters from primordial translator to help you interpret the dnd 5e languages you want. By default, you can speak the language of your character while playing the …read more


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