Dare Okesanjo: The Diamond In The Rough Who Is Defying All Odds To Rise To The Top

It is not usual to find a young Nigerian with all the odds stacked against him to use all the spiky, hard rocks in his path to mould himself into a shiny piece of diamond. The stories of such triumphs, though widely celebrated when they come into light, are a rarity.

In and around the tacky ambience of Egbeda, a densely populated Lagos suburb, a bubbly young man with nothing but his Computer Science certificate dreamt of creating magic with his hands and brain, with so much expertise that would blow minds, and he never for once took his eyes off the goal. This, he has made happen, with a determination that put his background to shame.

His name is Dare Okesanjo.

When Dare first thought of bringing the world to his fingertip through his creativity, he was only a rap and poetry lover who was desperate to make his own album covers. In 2010, he engaged in the recording of a number of radio jingles including for Radio Continental, while also acting as a side-kick for the Rooftop MCs.

But he wanted more and was short on resources, owning nothing but a machine that wouldn’t give him the desired result. He began to …read more

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Source:: Idafrica