#CES2018 Wrap Up: Making friends with humans and robots


It’s the final Day of CES 2018, and we have to say it’s been an amazing ride so far. In case you missed it, see some highlights from Day 1.

On Day 2, Our team member on board, Dare made a Nigerian friend at the Convention Centre, with whom he got to experience some cool new products including a badass 200-400mm Canon lens that is absolutely mind-blowing and a Casio 2.5D printer. The best part for him was finding his dream car. Looks like that 2018 plan is going to become a reality soon.

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Today, the 3rd and final day, was all about AI and robots. Dare spent a lot of time with a charming robot that you cannot help but love, he also got familiar with some other great innovations and Artificial Intelligence. See more highlights below:

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