CEO ID Africa Explains The Impact Of Technology On Public Relations

CEO ID Africa, Femi Falodun was recently a guest on Hi-Impact’s Tea Or Coffee to give informed insights on ‘Digital Resources In Public Relations’ and its application to the business of brand management.

The Marketing Communications (Digital Media, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations) industry is rapidly evolving across the world largely due to new technological inventions and advancements, and Femi encourages young professionals to constantly explore available resources to aid their work.

For those who will find the term Digital Resources quite ambiguous, the marketing expert explains that the broad term is mainly used to describe technology tools, platforms or resources that aid the work that communicators or marketers do. These tools and resources, he says, could be as simple as a mobile device, apps, software, or social media platforms.

On the importance of Public Relations to all businesses, Femi says it’s simply a form of marketing which involves getting the public to have good relations with an individual or organisation.

“It’s the art of bridging the gap between a brand (person, company, government e.t.c) and the public (the people that matter to the brand or company or individual,” he says. “As consultants, our job is to make those relationships smooth and easy, such …read more

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Source:: Idafrica