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Misconceptions about Digital Marketing in Nigeria Part 1

We mentioned in our last post on getting hired in the digital marketing industry in Nigeria that, many agencies and even clients do not have a clear understanding of what digital marketing is all about. What we’ll try to do in this post is to clarify some common misconceptions and myths surrounding digital marketing and…

One Mistake Most People Make With Online Dating

There is not so much fun in the real world these days. People in love with social media are more likely to chat up, skype with or send Snapchat stories to a friend rather than hang out with them. This feat has gone on to affect potential romantic relationships.Kissing and heart emojis … Continue reading

Facebook Just Got Into Live Streaming. Sadly, It Was Not Made For You

Facebook announced its new live streaming feature on its blog on August 6, 2015: Starting today, public figures can share live video from Facebook Mentions, the app that makes it easy for athletes, musicians, politicians and other influencers to talk with their fans and each other. You can discover these live … Continue reading →

7 Hilarious Memes About Life In #SecSchoolInNigeria

1. When your clique is the baddest in school… 2. When a junior steals someone’s provisions and senior boys find out… 3. When you get to school late and teachers are at the gate… 4. When your mum shows up in your class announced… 5. When … Continue reading → The post 7 Hilarious Memes

In California, Marijuana Gets ‘High’ Before Users Do

‘Medical’ Marijuana is legal in California, USA. Now, those with medical Marijuana prescriptions wouldn’t want to leave the comfort of their homes to go smoking weed in some beat down Marijuana joint. Instead, they’d have their stash of weed delivered to them, just like Pizza. Armed with this knowledge, a … Continue reading → The

5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics To Learn From Vic O

So Nigerian Twitter has been on fire with Vic O trending all day after he released his Drake and Meek Mill diss track. Beyond the jokes, there are 5 guerrilla marketing lessons that brand and entrepreneurs can pick from Vic O: 1. Engage your consumers and tell them what’s in … Continue reading → The