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Bye Bye Make-Up Artists, Hello Digital Cosmetics

The digital age keeps ‘wowing’ us. Digital compositor and visual effects artist, Rousselos Aravantinos released a 30 second video a month ago showing the effects of an age defying software on an old model. The software deletes the model’s wrinkles, eye bags and graying hair. The video was edited with a VFX software … Continue

Dear Instagram, Why Are You Deleting ‘Decent’ Accounts?

By now, you must have heard from friends about Instagram deleting their accounts without prior warning and for reasons that totally make no sense. It’s becoming a real bother as everyone is scared that they might be next. According to the message that comes after the IG account deletion, Instagram claims that … Continue reading

Retweets Are The New Autographs #TakeMeBackTuesday

Gone are the days when fans clamoured for autographs. Pen and papers are dying out and digital (or social) media has given each individual the ability to reach anyone anywhere in the world. One retweet can make one fan the happiest person in the world. Some have even gone as … Continue reading → The

Foods You Should Try Out Before The Holiday Ends

Chocolate Fudge Cake Really moist Chocolate Cake is the best dessert anyone could ever ask for. One bite and you’d feel like you’re in a fairytale. Noodles Extraordinaire Try out noodles in a million and one ways. Check out some different recipes for cooking Noodles here. Barbequed Chicken Glazed and barbequed chicken … Continue reading