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Considering Space Cakes? Dej Loaf Will Advise You Otherwise

‘Potheadism’ is usually associated with international celebrity lifestyle. There have been numerous articles online that have suggested that our favourite celebrities are happy-go-lucky dopeheads. However, Dej Loaf is not on the list of weed-eating celebs and here’s why. Dej Loaf, who went on the Pinkprint Tour with Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill … Continue reading →

Ralph Lauren’s ‘Tech Shirt’ Will Hit The Market By August 27

While you’re still trying to wrap your head around getting smartwatches, Ralph Lauren plans to start selling a line of fitness tracking shirts called Polotech. The ‘tech shirt’ line hit Ralph Lauren’s website starting from August 27, 2015. Polotech helps to track the following: heart rate heart variability breathing depth … Continue reading → The

#WorldJollofRiceDay: What’s The Big Deal About Jollof Rice?

No one can give one reason why Nigerian Jollof Rice is always on the top list of Nigerian Owambe parties. Maybe it’s the firewood taste; maybe it’s a Nigerian party tradition; maybe it’s the colour; maybe it’s the look and taste. Whatever it is, we just know that if you … Continue reading → The

Believe It or Not, Edible Billboards Exist

Nigerian copywriters and art directors should really invest in edible billboards. What better way is there to get everyone’s attention? These yummy billboards got everyone talking, eating and engaging with the brand: Coke Zero – Drinkable Billboard To support NCAA Men’s Final Four competition, Coke Zero and Ogilvy & Mather created a 23,000 pound …

Androgyny in Fashion: Will the Nigerian Culture Agree?

Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics – sexual ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. Fashion in some regions have begun adopting a term called gender blur – a gradual erase of gender divide lines. According to Inc, the ‘style’ first appeared this … Continue reading

4 Text Messages You That Will Make You A Happier Person

Life can be really tough on us, but knowing that someone out there cares enough to want to make the burden lighter always makes us feel better. Imagine you got these text messages now … What would you do? The post 4 Text Messages You That Will Make You A Happier Person appeared first on

Flibanserin: 7 Important Facts About the Female Viagra

Here are 7 important facts you need to about the libido-enhancing drug recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA): 1. The drug is actually called Flibanserin but is marketed as Addyi. 2. Addyi does not cause blood to flow to the genitals like Viagra does. Rather it boosts … Continue reading →