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Apple and Samsung Will Be Scrapping SIM Cards Soon

SIM cards are the kernels of every mobile network in Nigeria. Initially, SIM cards were expensive and could only be afforded by the rich. Today, we have recharge card sellers everywhere in town selling SIM cards at extremely low prices. However, it looks like there will be no need for … Continue reading → The

#ThrowbackThursday – The Evolution of Shoes

In the Medieval period, that is 1200s – 1300s, women wore these ridiculous looking leather shoes to retain the original shapes of their toes. These shoes were called Crackows in England and they had an elongated piece of shoe covering at the top of the leather shoes. The Elizabethan period (1558 … Continue reading →

Infographic: The Difference Between A Geek And A Nerd

Owing to the ‘coolness’ of the tech industry these days, guys and chicks have considered it cool to describe themselves as geeks and nerds. These infographics shows the difference between both of them. So, which one are you? The post Infographic: The Difference Between A Geek And A Nerd appeared first on ID Africa. …read

Siri Will Answer All Your Bruce Jenner Questions Like He Never Existed

Siri, Apple’s voice navigator assistant, is probably the smartest smartphone navigator that was ever created. Siri will answer all your questions and will offer help whenever it’s necessary. Another thing we just found out about Siri that she is emotional and can be quite defensive when protecting certain people and … Continue reading → The

Apple Is Being Sued For Using The Keyword ‘iWatch’

You were curious about the popular Apple watch so you thought you should search for what’s being said about it in the news. When you are done checking what the news says about the watch, you intend to check out the price range on online stores. The probability that you … Continue reading → The