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The Hip-Hop Beefs That Ended In 2018

Okay 2018 was a long a** yearrrrr… who else is ready for it to be over? TF. Make way for 2019 biko. Only this year we’ve had – Black Panther, The Olympics, The World Cup, Dare went to Vegas, Kylie Jenner revealed her pregnancy, Elon Musk smoked weed on a live show and with that

BHM Group, ID Africa Wins Best PR Agency For Use Of New Media

Nigerian media and public relations consultancy, BHM and its sister company, the digital communications and marketing agency, Info Digital Africa (ID Africa) have been named Best PR Agency Using New Media by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) Lagos Chapter. The award presentation took place at the annual Lagos PR Industry Gala and Awards

Spectranet promises no service disruptions to subscribers

Against the backdrop of the information that some networks are indebted within the industry which might disrupt service offering soon, Spectranet 4G LTE has come clear to state that the network is not affected by the issues raised in the published announcement recently as an organization that is consistently meeting its obligations with stakeholders. Ajay

Why Manchester United Was Wrong To Sack Jose Mourinho

On Tuesday, English Premier League side Manchester United, decided to show Jose ‘The Special‘ Mourinho, the door. This decision came after Manchester United lost to fellow title contender, Liverpool. Known to be very outspoken and confrontational, the news of his sack created a mixed reaction. Some felt Manchester United made the right decision, while others

5 Life Lessons School Doesn’t Teach You

It’s so true that this life thing can be tricky, but there are certain tricks to get around it. Ironically, most of us spend at least 12 to 16 years of our lives in school yet, we don’t learn much about real life during our time there. After school, we’re thrown in the black hole

Fortnite ‘Dominated’ Pornhub In 2018

Now, before anyone drags their dramatic and judgemental a** to critique the subject of this post, you should know Pornhub claims that their site have been visited 33.5 billion times this year, basically averaging 92 million visits in a day and I can bet my salary you are one of the multitude so pipe down.

These Are The Types Of Designs That Will Work For 2019

So, 2019 is 3 weeks away, and you are probably wondering what the move is as regards creatives for next year. Well, we are giving you a sneak peek into the design trends that has been predicted to bang next year. The team at Venngage put together this infographic which outlines their data-backed predictions for

You Are The Book Cover And We Are Judging You

There’s more to being well dressed than just looking good. It can alter your mood, self-esteem, and life very much. It also influences how others respond to you, and can have a positive impact on your state of mind, as well. Science says what you wear affects you psychologically. Dressing can help improve your self-confidence

How To Create Delicious And Engaging Content

According to research, 81% of marketers are of the opinion that interactive content grabs the attention of website and social page visitors more than static information. To better understand the importance of interactive content, our friends at Outgrow have put together this brilliant infographic which provides valuable insights on how to create and share kickass