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Album Review: Darey’s ‘Naked’ – A Seminal Piece of Work

By David Hundeyin One of the biggest attributes of a good artiste is the ability to follow up a good debut album with an equally decent sophomore album. A great artiste might be able to create an equally good third album, while an exceptional artiste will be able … Continue reading → The post Album

Six Unforgettable Moments from Day 5 of #Felabrationwith7UP

1. Eedris Abdulkareem, who had incurred the wrath of former president Obasanjo a few years ago with his Nigeria Jaga Jaga hit, again called out President Buhari for imprisoning Fela during his military regime, and even had some not-so-nice words for other Nigerian political leaders. Thankfully, Femi Kuti rushed on … Continue reading → The

This Yoruba Boy, KSIOlajidebt Made N900m From Youtube In 2015

He doesn’t play in the EPL. He didn’t sell a startup to Google and his father owns no oil bloc. He plays video games and makes funny, silly jokes in front of the camera, and uploads them on Youtube. 22 years old Olajide Olatunji was born in Watford, UK to Nigerian parents, but … Continue

Moments of Drama From First 3 Days of #Felabrationwith7UP 

Felabration is a one of a kind music festival in Lagos, Nigeria. This is because it’s the celebration of a man considered by many as the greatest Nigerian musician ever – Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Every year, thousands of fans from around the world show up at the New Afrika Shrine, Lagos … Continue reading → The

The Stars, The Music and All You Need to Know About Felabration 2015

There is no denying that late Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti is one of Africa’s greatest musicians, and the yearly celebration of his music, life and times – Felabration – has become an event that we all look forward to. As activities around this year’s event kick off, here’s everything you … Continue reading → The

Poem: Now That PR Is Dead

Now that PR is dead. Witnessed the demise, untimely passing of a once powerful practice Lost her dazzle, dulled by impotent strategies and tactics Saw bullets fly, but can’t tell the identity of her killer Bang! Bang! Bang! Did technology pull the trigger? Questions pile, whispers of whodunnit? Who to … Continue reading → The

Do You Know The Difference Between A Website and A Blog?

I have gotten some mails this past week on the subject matter of blogs and websites. Some of my readers and clients want to know the differences that exist between this two terms. As a matter of fact, there are very few differences looking at the technical perspective; but in terms of functionality the differences

Facebook’s New ‘Reactions’ Are Already Being Misused!

Weeks back, everyone was talking about Facebook creating a dislike button – this news was as a misinterpretation of Mark Zuckerberg’s statement on creating new buttons on Facebook to show feelings asides the Like button. On October 8, Facebook, through its product manager Chris Tosswill, announced that they had began … Continue reading → The

The Proper Use Of Heading Tags To Improve Your SEO

Heading tags are HTML elements which are used to separate the heading of a webpage from the remaining content. The heading tags span from h1 to h6. The most vital being the h1 tag and the least important, h6. For a good SEO rating, the header tag elements from h1 to h6 must follow a