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Nicki Minaj and Drake Are Signed To A ’12 years A Slave’ Contract With Young Money?

@IamAkademiks shared this clip of Birdman’s interview with Angie Martinez where Birdman said Drake and Nicki Minaj “ain going nowhere” when asked what would happen if Lil Wayne left Cash Money. Birdman says Drake and Nicki Minaj “ain’t going NOWHERE” … The Slavemaster finally speaks — DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) … Continue reading → The

Septum Rings – Yay or Nay?

Septum rings have become popular with young Nigerian chics, especially those in entertainment. It’s safe to say Cynthia Morgan is the top rocker of septum rings in the Nigerian music industry Video Vixen, Venita Akpofure’s minimalist sized septum ring looks really good on her. Sadly, @Cuhotgist didn’t think these … Continue reading → The post

Why Tweeps Add Periods Before Handles?

You must have noticed that some tweeps add periods/dots/full-stops right in front of handles when the handles come first place in a tweet. Well, it is a trick for determining what comes up on your Twitter timeline. Normally, when you reply or tweet directly at a handle (by mentioning the handle … Continue reading →

8 Types Of Success #MondayMotivation

To many, success means being wealthy and influential. To some, one can only be called successful if they are appear on print headlines and television shows. But the truth is the definition of success is relative. Each person will define success based on who they have been with and where … Continue reading → The

YouTube Answers All Its Users’ Complaints In This Video

Each YouTube user has one complaint or the other about YouTube features. It could be YouTube’s failure to send an email notification after you’ve requested / subscribed to immediate notifications; it could be the number of silly countdown videos that exist on YouTube or it could just be the millions … Continue reading → The

You Got Content. You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Have you struggled with the idea of what content to share on social? You really shouldn’t. Everyone has content locked up somewhere. Everything you do makes up daily content. The real truth is knowing how to use it, where to use it and who to share it with. People share … Continue reading → The

Social Media Explained With ‘Thursday’

This is what one idea looks like on the most popular social media platforms in Nigeria. Vine, Tumblr and LinkedIn are the funniest…. Twitter is categorized mainly of retweets, Facebook is mainly about how many likes and comments you get. LinkedIn is ever so serious and Pinterest has a million … Continue reading → The