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All I Now Know About How We Can Prevent Stroke In Nigeria

Yesterday, I was privileged to represent ID Africa and participate in a meeting on ‘Music for Acute Stroke Literacy (MASL)’ at the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Yaba, Lagos, and I can honestly say it is the most eye opening session I’ve been a part of this year. The session was put together by

Our Top Eight Falz The Bahd Guy Style Moments

Falz The Bahd Guy is as versatilely talented as they come. The rapper/actor/activist/lawyer has given us many hits and on-screen moments that we would forever be grateful for. His fashion game, which is the main focus of this post, is just as topnotch as his music and acting skills. Whether it’s the gold-rimmed glasses that

Check Out Hilarious “Baby” Pictures of These Nigerian Celebrities

Written By: Ife Akintobi In honour of Children’s’ Day, here’s how some Nigerian celebrities look when you apply the Snapchat baby filter to their pictures. BTS: So on Friday evening, while birthing creative ideas in the office as usual, one of us @ IDAfrica was playing around with the new ‘baby’ filter on Snapchat. A

7 Things You Should Totally Avoid Doing On LinkedIn

Written by: Ife Akintobi There is no doubt that LinkedIn helps people’s careers immensely. Recently, however, a lot of people have complained about how they aren’t benefiting from the platform, despite their efforts to network and progress their careers. According to them, this is because they do not seem to understand how to use the

7 Things You Can Do With Your Life Now That GOT Has Ended

Game of Thrones fans is the saddest TV fans in television history because the almighty, super amazing GOT has ended. In commemoration of this, we have a list of those who are clueless and have nothing to live for anymore… Lol. So here are 7 things you can do after GOT. 1. Write your own

“It’s Time to Do Things Differently”

Transcript of Speech Delivered By BHM CEO and NECLive Founder Ayeni Adekunle At The 7th Edition Of Nigerian Entertainment Conference on April 24, 2019. Good morning. Thanks for joining us today. If you are watching on the website or on HIP TV, thanks for tuning in. If you’ve followed what we’ve done from the first

How To Write An Attractive And Eye-Catching Headline

Coming up with an eye-catching, attractive and error-free headline can be easier said than done. I can tell you this because I sometimes brood over different sample headlines for hours and still won’t feel comfortable with any of them. For any content to be regarded as a “good” one, the headline must be attractive enough