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Creatives, Designers and their favorite Adobe tools

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a favourite tool for designers, creatives and digital content creators around the world. The product which was first launched by Adobe in 2011 is beloved by many for its easy-to-use desktop and mobile applications. At IDA, our team of creatives were also raised on Adobe CC and use one or

5 iconic women who changed the game in Nigeria

The world is currently pressing for progress for gender equality. The feminine group have been making strong strides in making impacts in their communities. These are some of the iconic women who have also changed the game in Nigeria. Laila Dongoyaro: This legendary woman was not just an activist but one of the first women

5 marketing lessons from the 2018 Oscars

The 2018 Oscars have come and gone and beyond winners, losers, snubs and upsets, we were able to find a few marketing tips to learn from the most glamorous night in Hollywood. Here are five of them. 1. The right audience achieve results The guests invited to the Oscars are a strategically selected group of

Time’s Up For The Oscars

The Oscars this year was very interesting! There were dry jokes, inspiring speeches, elegant artistes, beautiful people and bold display of cute pins worn to represent support for various initiatives like the guns movement, #MeToo and Hollywood #TimesUp initiative. However folks were more interested in seeing if the night would feature wins for people who

5 reactions from team IDA after a trip to Wakanda

IDA team went cruising on our anniversary. We watched the Black Panther movie and concluded it was worth the hype. After we got back from the trip to Wakanda, we had different reactions just like other marketers, these are some of them. 1. We wanted to sleep at IMAX. Folks sat there watching the credits

We went cruising on our anniversary

So you heard IDA turned three years old yesterday. Well we, the team went out of the office to celebrate our anniversary. While everyone in the world was thinking, punching keyboards and writing reports, we went cruising. Femi did a long story on how IDA is ready to run a marathon at age 3. Spoiler

5 reasons you should be at Social Media Week Lagos 2018

Social Media Week Lagos 2018 is definitely one of the most anticipated and attended events by professionals and individuals in the industry; a conference that hasn’t disappointed attendees since its inception. Industry specific events like this have consistently proved to be a brilliant and a perfect way to gain lots of insight and a better