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Building The Future – Thoughts on NECLive 8 Theme

With a youth population of over 126 Million; an approximate 70% of the population, Nigeria and indeed the rest of the world have a lot to benefit from a fully scaled creative sector. Our sports men and women are adored globally. Across Africa and beyond, Nollywood is a powerful export and ambassador. And music? Our

What Femi Falodun Shared With The Bean Creative Team 

On Friday, 17th January 2020, ID Africa CEO, Femi Falodun visited the serene CCX hub on Victoria Island, Lagos to discuss with the Bean Creative Team – which consists of Talent Managers, Community Development Officers, Operations Specialists and Events Managers -on their projections for the new year. The ID Africa CEO, a student and teacher

Haughty Lady J And Dealing With Disgruntled Staff At Workplace

Sitting here at the hospital lobby, waiting for what could be the most important appointment I would ever have with a doctor and I can’t help but marvel at the haughtiness of this young lady saddled with the task of overseeing patients’ register as they move in and out. I absolutely hate visiting the hospital

No Resolutions, But We Have Some Thoughts

I walked into the office early this morning and found Tobi Ogunlesi hammering away at his laptop. Not long after that, Taofeek Bankole walked in and then everyone else trickled in. Everyone looked good, upbeat, ready to crush the New Year — and then I wondered if there were any issues they were dealing with

New Year Energy and the Foolish Wisdom of Making Resolutions

I’m not one for big new year resolutions. I trust more in day-to-day incremental growth in most matters of life. Of course, I also believe in the ‘Quantum Leap’ (word to Pastor ‘Poju) — a dramatic, unpredictable, sudden geometric growth brought about by factors out of one’s direct control. But Quantum Leaps don’t happen to

The Fascinating Thought Of World War 3 In This Digital Age

After enduring what was a storm of harmattan breeze through the night, I eventually dragged myself up at daybreak to prepare for work in the cold. It doesn’t help that I battle with nasal allergies, as the minty breeze started to make my nose twitch and run. But, I can’t complain. I absolutely love harmattan