Building Africa’s Laboratory Workforce Must Be Prioritised – ASLM Director

Since laboratory professionals play a vital role in the identification of diseases, ensuring the reliability of laboratory investigations and reporting laboratory findings to the clinicians for timely and adequate patient management; experts are advocating for new initiatives and partnerships aimed at training, mentoring and certifying laboratory professionals across the continent.

One of those making this calls is Dr. Pascale Ondoa, Director of Science and New Initiatives, African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM). She is specifically asking that Africa’s laboratoty workforce must be prioritised.

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Ondoa, who currently serves as senior laboratory scientist at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and development (AIGHD), explained that the African Society of Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) is committed to raising the profile and importance of laboratory professionals on the African continent, hence the relevance of the forthcoming ASLM conference in Abuja.

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She said: “Admittedly, the only interaction that patients have with the laboratory is when their blood is drawn, or other specimens collected for testing. While the role of the laboratory professional cannot be over emphasised, unfortunately due to the public’s limited exposure to them, their value is often overlooked. We cannot deny that medical laboratories are an essential part of disease detection, control, prevention and surveillance, as …read more

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