Ayeni Adekunle To Make Bold Proposal at NECLive 7

After seven years of what has now become a tradition for the entertainment industry, NECLive Founder, Ayeni Adekunle will make a bold proposal for what the future of entertainment should look like in Africa, particularly Nigeria when the conference opens on April 24, 2019.

His proposal, Let’s Do Things Differently, will lead the discussions at NEC Live 7.

Earlier, he had written a piece that explained why the discussion about 2019 edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference would be on the Importance Of Data, And Mobile Technology To Creators And Consumers; And What It Means For The Future Of Entertainment, tracing the journey of entertainment and media in Nigeria since 1996, while raising cogent queries about what the future holds.

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“There’s an opportunity to build something that can truly transform the industry. And that’s what technology provides. From comedy to music, film, fashion, and media, how can we make sure that we build a future where our products are available to consumers where, when and how they want them? How can we make sure that experiences can be customised and personal? How can we create a system where the big funds are pouring into the creative sector because it’s been demonstrated that …read more

Source:: Idafrica