Are Smart Devices Giving Us More Than We Bargained For?

Last year, I wanted to change my 5 year old phone to a better and more sleeker one. I carefully researched the functionalities of the one I had my eyes on, not only because I was genuinely interested in how my palm computer can make my work and life better, but because I was about to drop significant bar on a vanity item and my colleague Dare was already giving me side-eye so I had to justify the big spend to myself and my savings.

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It’s been a year since I got the phone — fantastic phone, but to be honest, I have probably used up to 30% of the functionalities. It’s fast, neater and makes my life easier, but am I milking it for all my money’s worth? No.

We’ve all heard the popular myth that states that we humans really only use 10% of our brain. I know Hollywood had a hand in spreading this myth because of pseudo-scientific flicks Lucy and Limitless — but think about it, the same logic can be applied to the astronomical growth in the thousands of features that are being offered by our annually released phones.

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